Call of Duty 1 Stalingrad - Call of Duty

Here is the walkthrough for stalingrad.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Call of Duty 2 Gameplay HD in Deutsch/German kommentiert von Pactain. Besucht uns im Forum. Plaudern, Free Wallpaper und vieles mehr.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Kommentare zu “Call of Duty 1 Stalingrad - Call of Duty”

  1. risentechno sagt:

    @MetalBru01 russians vs nazis

  2. MetalBru01 sagt:

    @risentechno I know that but I just thought it was funny that the russian were speaking german in the german version of the game.

  3. addictedsadnessoF sagt:




  4. MJdance92 sagt:

    xD 4:50 der rauche musse sich erst entwickeln ^^ xD

  5. swischeestudios sagt:

    WAIT he is german but he plays as a russin WTF

  6. KenRappa sagt:

    2:05 =)) :)) =)) :))

  7. mdhgg23 sagt:

    @ 1:25 ….. That’s what she said, what? =P lol

  8. TheGrAyStYLeR sagt:

    118leute nehmen hater drogen!

  9. martijnenco sagt:

    It’s like sims for the germans ^^

  10. Spoont100 sagt:

    ich habe nicht gefeuert,ich habe nur auf sein hässlichen nazikopf eingehämmert 😛

  11. Motive11331 sagt:

    @swischeestudios …because there’s only one viewpoint for COD games.

  12. lilmikkelfast sagt:

    Wow, english title, speak german, thump down..

  13. blackasad sagt:

    why you dont have any weapon, answer me please and fast!

  14. zoszos5 sagt:

    @blackasad in this war they didnt have enough weapons for peaple so one person had a weapon and another person would carry the ammo for the person with the gun

  15. Cotif11 sagt:

    @zoszos5 actually the russians had an abundence of weapons, the problem was the Germans having control of the Volga they couldn’t get their oil through and that was there huge export, also soldiers in the west fighting right up by Moscow where using so much ammunition that they couldn’t get enough to the people at Stalingrad, so yes your right but it wasn’t the war in general more like this battle.

  16. mrgris970 sagt:

    @blackasad in the beggining of the war, the russian didnt have so much resourses.

  17. fakeouch sagt:

    the mission doesnt work! i tried it like hours exactly like you do -.- and i always get killed on exactly the same place-.- once i reached the care and got killed through a mine there -.- help me pls

  18. Sycsa sagt:

    I remember I had to buy a new video card because of the framerate issues on this level.

  19. JohannGTR sagt:

    @blackasad and that is whats funny you only get mosin nagat ammo

  20. dinodinex sagt:

    Still my favorite COD, much better then that MW noobtube 360 noscope shit

  21. MrYoursoup sagt:

    WTF!!!! I die immediately when they say „They’re coming back‘ (some stupid german aircraft) and I can’t even move! (HELP???)

  22. noodles1916 sagt:

    @AussieNathan91 no its taken from history

  23. marblefan500 sagt:

    this may sound odd but this is my favorite cod game. in fact i still have it xD

  24. SmokinGun95 sagt:

    CoD1 + add-on (PC) and World at War (PS3) are my favorites.

  25. Timeline15 sagt:

    fuckin amazing game

  26. jugglerkkev sagt:

    ahh back when call of duty was awesome

  27. Schwampi sagt:

    Does it work with Windows Vista?

  28. Markkassel sagt:

    i play it actually

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