EXTAZY – Call of Duty 4 Fragmovie

EXTAZY – Call of Duty 4 Fragmovie
Video Bewertung: 4 / 5

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30 Kommentare zu “EXTAZY – Call of Duty 4 Fragmovie”

  1. topmodmama sagt:

    ไอกากทำไมมึงไม่ใช้ 4 shot bazoka

  2. Abbadon380 sagt:

    fuck after all that he still got fucked

  3. rokyfrane11 sagt:

    @GT9snak3 Fack you

  4. rokyfrane11 sagt:


  5. maplestory50 sagt:

    @asianboi511 something exploded so…

  6. asianboi511 sagt:

    @maplestory50 That was eight months ago. -_-

  7. ranmoru456 sagt:

    u know u should use the computer to play. its way easier to use a dual weapon than an x box

  8. godfather4665 sagt:

    @asianboi511 holy crap it did

  9. Kommandant2498 sagt:

    @ranmoru456 Damn Straight!

  10. SoNIcFAn12100 sagt:

    @asianboi511 paranormal activities in the wrong places

  11. armydude131 sagt:

    At 1:42 did someone say „rotten egg!“

  12. CSSFenken sagt:

    @kastratos2 you’re an idiot these are matches not pubs. They can’t cheat there.

  13. ThePonik220 sagt:

    battlefield bad company 2 ROX !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bl00dyLP sagt:

    sick movie i like it 1+

  15. Aadilf1 sagt:

    omg omg omg HE KILLED MAZARINI!!!

  16. SuPeRPiiG sagt:

    you never fucking made this you downie

  17. 8Cybertron sagt:

    You search a promod Server? Then join our Server connect!!
    We will like when you join us. See you!

  18. Herni225 sagt:

    how come you up to much places, how in crash or in backlot? 😀
    I like this video but i think you hack..sry..my meaning 😉

  19. xPLDRdu26 sagt:

    Wow You never stop this gamer :O GG

  20. PeakeUK sagt:

    Please check out my channel if you like mw2 and cod4 gameplay, only just started this channel, cheers.

  21. LordCs16 sagt:


  22. Jigowy sagt:

    U play on PlayStation or PC?

  23. NexuszCrystal sagt:

    @Herni225 He strafes and it’s very hard. and don’t call him a hacker beacuse his playing on tournaments and they have edited very much so it looks a little hacking but he’s not a hacker that’s one thing sure

  24. VazyMindz sagt:

    @louiscroc12 the only one who won’t agree you is the kids on console ;D

  25. MrBeSmArTNRuN sagt:

    why have i never heard of this man before?!

  26. iZayKoZ sagt:

    I watch your video just to listen to your music!

  27. codsniperlad sagt:

    HACKER! OBV!!!

  28. Jumpzeh sagt:

    (Leaves video running on 1 screen)
    – Launches cod4
    -Joins promod server

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