Crysis 2 How to change language - Crysis 2

How to change language (Beta)

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14 Kommentare zu “Crysis 2 How to change language - Crysis 2”

  1. tricell900 sagt:

    THANKS Bro .. GUMANA ito ( it’s work)


  2. hasanzahooransari sagt:

    will it change the sound???????????????

  3. lmoragas sagt:

    I did exatly what U say and the black screen still there.Please believe me when I say exatly. Just doesn’t work
    Thank god I bkp the files before deleting them

  4. lmoragas sagt:

    by the way, thats another file that I change too, after trying your way, same results: CoreStrings_en_US.xml (before, CoreStrings_ru_RU.xml

  5. DimaSultanov1 sagt:

    give me the russian pack and i give u the english pack

  6. TheHiddenSocks sagt:

    u still need russian? i need english…

  7. DimaSultanov1 sagt:

    yeah i need the russian and yes i got the english wanna trade?

  8. TheHiddenSocks sagt:

    dw i got english pack already but ima give u the link to russian

  9. TheHiddenSocks sagt:

    w w w .gamefront. com /files/21782827/russian.pak
    w w w . gamefront . com /files/21782977/English_pak

  10. Juaniguitarra86 sagt:

    do you have the english pak? THANKS!


    down load a english pak then change english name to russian thats all

  12. 99fcbayern sagt:

    Can you upload german, pls ?

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