Part 2 Testing 2GB Sapphire HD 6950 DiRT3 Edition with Crysis 2 and Dirt 3 - Crysis 2

Part 2: Infos Testing the new Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 Dirt 3 Edition with Crysis 2 and Dirt 3. There were no lags while gaming, lags in the video are caused by Fraps! Sorry for the bad quality! Crysis 2: 32-52 FPS Dirt 3: 48-59 FPS Specifications of my system: CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 6x 3.00GHz RAM: 4GB Corsair Board: M4A87TD-EVO USB3.0 Graphic: HD 6950 2GB PSU: 700W Cougar HDD: 1TB 7200rpm Seagate CPU Cooler: EKL Alpenföhn Nordwand Rev.B Monitor: LG LED 23,5″ Full HD Visit our website on:

Crysis 2 Gameplay Direct X 11, Ultra Settings and High Resolution HD Texturepack all on. System Specs: GC: Sparkle GTX 570 Processor: Intel Core i7 @ 2,93 Ghz RAM: 4GB Corsair 1333 Mhz MB: ASUS P7H55-M HDD: Samsung 1000 GB OS: Win 7 64-bit Frames with Fraps: 30 Frames without Fraps: 60+

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13 Kommentare zu “Part 2 Testing 2GB Sapphire HD 6950 DiRT3 Edition with Crysis 2 and Dirt 3 - Crysis 2”

  1. THCJUNKIE89 sagt:

    is it the dx11 update ultra settings or dx9???

  2. mcfizzled sagt:

    @MyHyperMachine This card does have a bios switch. It is just really tiny. It is right next to the crossfire connection. You need something tiny to switch it though, your fingers wont fit.

  3. MakkeSk8 sagt:

    holy shit.

  4. MyHyperMachine sagt:

    @AgeOfGangster on highest settings in full hd you wont get any lags.. im sure you fps-rate will stay around 40fps… But some monitor drivers allow the pc to play games in any screen resolution maybe 3600 x 2200? then you will have problems but in full hd there wont be any problems! have fun!

  5. super6plx sagt:

    @AgeOfGangster I can tell you first hand on absolute max settings, everything on highest, you get 40-60 fps 80% of the time. sometimes when you get close to a corner wall in a high detail map it drops to as low as 20 fps. this is entirely due to tessellation. Once you drop object detail to the second highest option, not the ultra option, (turns tessellation off and just uses regular highest detail models) then the game runs at 60fps constantly no matter what
    (tests run on dirt 3 6950 2gb)

  6. aky19832001 sagt:

    I have the card and run FSX on max but the special effects on medium, I have a i5 running at 3.4 the card, the i5 and intel motherboard makes a perfect combo.

  7. LINGUERE100 sagt:

    would an athlon x4 630 with 3gigs of ram be good to run crysis 2 or arma 2 on max with this card plz answer me.

  8. MyRikudo sagt:

    @aky19832001 what? intel mb for intel cpus? kidding me? thats AWESOME…


  9. rulezian1 sagt:

    hwy im just wondering if you use a hdmi cable on the sapphire radeon HD 6950 2gb dirt 3 edition, does it put a black border around your screen?

  10. HIG5HUniversum sagt:

    Please Upload youre Videos in better Quality.

  11. LuxDzn sagt:

    Im gonna buy: Intel Core i5 2500k 4×3,3Ghz ~3,7, Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 Dirt 3 and 8GB ram. Will it work on Crysis maxed out?

  12. Mohitdali sagt:

    @MyHyperMachine u have to overclock ur cpu in dirt3 if seems like cpu bottleneck the gpu performance
    or it can be driver issues try latest once

  13. MyHyperMachine sagt:

    @LuxDzn Yes it will 😉