Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial: How to create a NPC follower - The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial: How to create a NPC follower

In this video I show you how I make NPC followers with the new Creation Kit for Skyrim. It’s also possible to use console commands to get NPC followers like I showed it in my other video. In diesem Video zeige ich, wie ich NPC Begleiter mit dem neuen Creation Kit für Skyrim erstelle. Es ist auch möglich solche Begleiter mittels Konsolenbefehlen zu erstellen wie ichs in meinem anderen Video gezeigt hab.
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  1. BlackNightmares sagt:

    Of course it’s possible but I would create them again because you can only open .esm and .esp data formats in the CK as far as I know it and those saved games are in .ess format. Perhaps there is a way to extract the character information and to transform the .ess to .esp format but I think it’s easier to create it again

  2. INTRO173 sagt:

    There’s nothing for me to select when I go to race.

  3. BlackNightmares sagt:

    did you load the skyrim data masterfile? I did not show this in the tutorial, but you must first load the skyrim masterfile by clicking on „file“ on the top, then choose „data..“ and then select „Skyrim.esm“ and click ok. Then your drop down menu shouldn’t be blank anymore and you can go on

  4. FrankTheBunny88 sagt:

    It is actually incredibly easy my friend:

    „In game, open up the command console and type in SPF 1 (or really, any name will do, I called it „1“ just to find it easier.) SPF means „SavePCFace“

    The game will create a txt file (with an .NPC extension) and save it in your Skyrim folder as whatever-you-called-the-file.NPC

    (NOT Skyrim/Data, where mods are held)

    Now, in the CK, when you create a new Actor, find the „Import“ button on the „Character Gen Parts“ tab.

    Import your .npc file.“

  5. FrankTheBunny88 sagt:

    Copy-Pasted from Tumblr, written by: lynniekay

  6. BlackNightmares sagt:

    thanks a lot!!

  7. FrankTheBunny88 sagt:

    No problem! I was actually searching for this solution for quite some time before I stumbled upon this simple method myself.

    I’ve been using it so far to fill Skyrim with all my characters. It is also pretty incredible to fight your other selves, and for once it’s you that’s being blown half across the province by an Unrelenting Force 😛

  8. TheDeltademon96 sagt:


    I have a problem!
    First: my english isnt so good, so sorry!

    My problem: I create a follower, I do the same thinks like in this Video. But when I finish and start Skyrim and go to the my now createt follower i havnt the option to say „follow me! I need help“
    Why ?
    Anyone how knows why, please help me…
    Thank-you 🙂

  9. SolidenX sagt:

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial. I have a problem however… When I go to select different hair types or whatever from the drop down menu, the only option it is giving me is DEFAULT. Do you know how to get the list to show properly so I can give my NPCs some hair? Thanks.

  10. FeralGameing sagt:

    I tryed Dremora but it wouldnt let me talk to him and he was NAKED…and i did the armor thingy….

  11. Commander Adam Shepard sagt:

    Whenever I talk to my custom follower, he just says „Yes?“ or „What is it?“. There’s no „follow me“ option. Help please.

  12. nickodriver sagt:

    I get that same problem man, i’ve made 3 followers exactly the same other than their appearance and stats yet each one has worked perfectly, but on my fourth i’ve changed nothing other than importing one of my characters faces to be a follower. Bloody thing..

  13. Leygoes sagt:

    For some reason when I go to the relationships thingy I can’t find „Player“ anymore, though it worked before but my follower didn’t have the option in-game to follow me. Anyone know what’s wrong?
    Appreciated <3

  14. nkycarbon sagt:

    I have a HUGE question. How do you program a werewolf to be your to be your companion? I mean, I’m trying to make a Werewolf Follower myself, but I cant talk to him so he won’t follow me. Any Pointers?

  15. 201714999 sagt:

    i cant find the myplayer in realtionships? please help!

  16. LilSayo sagt:

    Is that normal, when Im loading my skyrim.esm in the creation kit, I keep getting random warnings like „Masterfile: Errors were encountered during InitItem for reference: blah blah blah“

  17. BlackNightmares sagt:

    well when I load the skyrim.esm I also get a warning message but it’s about the English Strings because I have a german version of Skyrim. But to handle this I just click on „Yes to all“ and then it’s no problem anymore. So it seems to be normal that there are sometimes error messages but in my case it does not cause any severe restrictions to build a new NPC or follower or something else.

  18. BlackNightmares sagt:

    If you choose this „Child NPC“ in the step „Relationship“ you should select and look for „Player“ and not „myplayer“. I hope this solves it, otherwise let me know

  19. BlackNightmares sagt:

    this has to do with scripting I think, not each race was determined to be a follower and some would need more changes than simple clicks to follow properly I believe (sorry that I’m answering that late)

  20. BlackNightmares sagt:

    Perhaps try a different combination of „Race“ and „Voice Type“. This is the frist you should always check because you can’t combine these aspects in each way you wish that simple but nevertheless there are still enough opportunities (sorry that I answer so late)

  21. BlackNightmares sagt:

    you can try to edit the „Race“ with the creation kit (CK), search for „Character“ and then for „Race“, compare all aspects of the race from existing followers and copy for instance a Child race and change all aspects there that they are the same as in the race of an existing follower and then try to make follower again with this altered child race

  22. LilSayo sagt:

    Thank you! :)

  23. joao187Y sagt:

    hey ,I can’t find my new follower to add to the parent npc in the relationship part. What I did wrong?

  24. Banminator sagt:

    was following along up till relationships. My NPC doesnt show up on the list for parent 🙁

  25. ondrejkarol sagt:

    Everything works but tell me why my follower has grayish skin of face ?:/